Feel the illness

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feel the illness, so still with, no notion to go on oceans of emotions opened but show no motion to kill its,like i stay stuck skilless if its unspoken, if id just focus id maybe find luck, im fucked if not ill probably rot trying to prop, myself high on a pedestal headed for hell and im destined to tell this story im fenced in sentenced within this tension i expel, stressed and yes im expected to fail, pressure but i ain't no stale aiming to trade all the tails ive collected from demons who jus failed saving  

Wit every dirty verb I converse I hurt the perfect version a you into the mutants view, to be consumed, by the few wit nothing less then an account filled wit issues but im the dude destistined to make truth to his debutant views how did he grind jus tryin to stay alive barely dyin cus I abide by my violent vibe bribe the sluts to spread em wide an I can survive off the devide of the bachelor's bride bided on as long as he's died she's mine and in time imma need a rewind to  feel fine an whether or not short stops make a thought to drop the nine that I held beside my eyes for what feels like five days I'm going crazy and I'm ain't no saving me I'm afraid