Im up to Literally nothin

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Im up to Literally nothin an go outside every time so close to cry-in w a knife inside of the palm of mine, rather it be deep inside of ya, hide grins becuz time thins on decidin' if whether to sever the better part of a dismembered friend I'm no  pretenender but you'll never expect my sensors ain't ment to send you consented to it ever so sensually now your dead and will never be heard from again you left me legless at a level of lead only headless snakes so how? I couldn't be dubbed as a thug breast, peace if y'all don't each see my heat cookin the legally deemed lethal breed of toxic shock ticks talk twitches bitches who thought idda dropped, but its all britches. They dead cuz I said it's so, red is my best, friend so let's let it show like an okra devoted exploding yo whole home in an American dad episode the hetero sent his last sexually shown shred and froze it cold,after the glass shattered I asked limits & grimaced to pass the fast lass asses rationally as that i finish last but wit wicked roots imbedded are this plant in ma grip it's as easy as ripping this bitches fresh flesh as I walk elliptically while I'm talkin jus glossary my fame to the alcoholic ballin' on all y'all, when I been the top topic to talk drugs an nullify your pain look up the definition you'll find my name in the Haze