Sometimes I just feel so unreal

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Sometimes I just feel so unreal as if 

a vision of viciousness so impeccable met me

as the pessimist. I'd tried but never 

ridden, a hidden consistence of the smallest fault 

in a resistance of the insisted 

predicament visited, isn't it such wickedness when 

the slimmest kid ends up 

the biggest shit giving within your limited wishes given 

within this flicker of the finished episode never thrown 

yet ever so close but exposed as soon as the blown 

openings shown, but unbeknownst to those devoted 

you showed the grown kid instead of pretended 

the pretense of the old shit matched 

but in fact there is no lit, so was it a cloned 

skin who's shown up an rewrote this biography as if 

I'd had no literary sense of direction 

left in a deep depth death to  confess 

correction creates an erection 

of a fret to digress my conception of said 

is collection that connects the confections

made of all your threats.