suburban birdies prayin they learned & worthy of sympathy

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It's like my brain is about breathin either to this earth to invert adverse persons who act so perfect personally, yet lack the nerve to be nothin less than a burden to the suburban birdies prayin they learned & worthy of sympathy to the injustice I fucked wit since my conceptual telepathy against the rest a these unpresentable skeletal visions of a federal buildin becoming medical, my medial repetition make yo mind a twister and literally listenin to a master of disaster wishin I ain't so viscous in the scriptural shit I written since critics got jus split, piss or sit to they knees finally yo i think it's crazy tho they only notice now they Haze be dank an holding down our town announcin the proudest ninja an shit, I gotta gutta just fuckin foul mouth mounds of of devoured pounds as a decoy so I can destroy the weakest of d'sch of these piece of shit beach boys Cus I'm sick of it listenin to her been bitcoin the grips on a pistol pick way way it's pressing inception dept I'll correct every election waitin on elevation cus hate ain't my place if straight greatness or moving forward the choosing for shores ain't worth it since you chooses to be loosely a new white ta breed a new born which we coulda, shoulda bitch woulda had if you'd had a moment a closeness to show be co the slit became noticeable across the throat. But hopefully y'all focused on making you betta like yes usual I fuckin loved you til my strain to the brain became a strange derangement to my whole soul so I became a man hidden inside himself wit his old hoe playin Crockett inside his own brain wit no way to make it stop or change unless we make a fuckin fire some giant flames rainin an I'm fuckin waitin on the rain to come cus there ain't no love so I'm satin the same still until the way we bump is considered something to put in public view, I crush the fuckin flush a you without tryin I trust in two people these days just me an Haze and that's the way we can play it safe an pray

Correct me if I'm wrong my ninja if we'z all didn't fit why they try so hard and givez a shit if they keeps listenin we in it til they wish we dead but that ain't happen in if I got a shot to call on it imma Belong as wrong as an oblongs is on the launch wanted the hottest show but nothing poppin til we give people proper need for caution a loss or three, that's wanted, I'll stop when they caught me up on top the guts tangled & blood painted trees hope you need it because the reasons I'm here is to feed the verbal fiends I see you reachin the stage needs some greasy fans lead these lambs to the slaughter an offer my CD damn it all slam this fall out and start shootin the morning before we mournin  w bourbon because we jus fuckin burned an they worthless sense when am I only freestlyes I mean miles come by when I try it but I'm only flying because I feel like tryin to rip out a bitches eyelids get 'am an feed to my family's shy pit cud she a bitch but picking this time specifically jus pissed me off even better an ain't got a reason for why I shouldn't jus slit it an let it drip til we finished forever then who's wish is it shit had been different. I'm a glistening piece of a shining diamond me and I'm hard an heard enough to make it work out my way it works when I i say it's worth what I first place inversely you ain't get a shirt if it comes I can promise that get knowledge bitch you should jus stop at that, you got less chance then college to graduate at the smallest fractions alas I'm certainly the picture perfect version of a heroin jerk wit a future between that an hater at work at reversing my progression I do fervently but get assumed as a junkie using it to get up and make a beaty bleed beneath my skin brooding among myself confused in my room assuming this ain't get better since I ain't moving but it's gotta if I want the touch of my fuckin son without jus lovin to where there is only sun exposed since it's lonely to go alone and won't expect no-one to roll it, no, the first homies I know'll go wit me if need be but I can see it becoming such a bloody mesh trying to find the fresh insida the lives a state's but ain't debatable when it's you d the crowd will let you know it loud

It's no big deal when you let me know like you did you know? And if hate for us to get ugly together talking about kissing a vows shattered before they mattered mad cus I'm a disaster speakin correctly thru the chest cheif when I reach laughter from spattered battle rap splattered blood baths or a shower for me my styles witch which I delivered devoured sourly surrounded around me dope and never not say nope t'hope kinda drug crazy and I don't give in always to my most main focus to grow fame so take both become a bloody bastard maker walking alone mostly stoned and set in it most days but won't waver the stranger placements to those movements you gon' make Satin anything to me as of if you expected my election collection your faults, face factual filaments fallin at a fault of your own I'll diligence, will I give in its a nil but still I give you the will to get brilliance if it's what you truly wish I only wish I get the visits I should get wit my one mixed within the couple hundred million livin in this hell an until I'm visited I'll be considered the next more ruthlessly choos-ed group which Lucifer uses as mules for gettin you glued to music's  loosened grip like the sick you claim to be eschewed too like the dope you ain't doin (true) but she still swallowin cock lock in jaw for the rocket fuel spew a mutilation in view of dispute accrued loosely from you choosing mute over being a true rude engagement aligned aside my derangement me usually bein pissed is explained by basically stating how youd always became my best friend not pretending yet still said if I'm your most hated by myself you show the deepest dread when I show the most pretentious sense of an erected prevalence bet if I'm steppin there im stretchin the boundaries of sound to shroud our only now found out outer strains aimed at the brain and only at ya ages length away from snakin your placements and arrangin the most amazing blazers to make straight sure you get sent away to play wit angels and get once chance to explain why you shouldn't be red drained  & then strangled my angle ain't shit but bein literal if I can't make it more visual, in this predicament I'd wished I'd been given more ability but even still I get a thrill thinkin a killin her petty piece of dick or removing it to see if she truly loves the piece a sheet at least, I mean, I'm not bein unreasonable I wanna see his throat opened, bleedin & I'll see, the scope I use makes it more beautiful. Noticeably like an unclothed blondie PAWG joggin across my naughty noggin & frothin mouth naught me topic but fraught  wit logic not topical feeling the first I'm below my  purpose the surface froze bestow the loaded snow when it float down I know this coated gun gon' blow if someone expose it cept If kept in check to address each leech leashed within ma streets equal to each speech you can think up that you think of is lethal can't beat up a 9 yr old  fuckin fat kid tryin to be a slim sequel to a fiend off food he choose as the weight an movin faster than him so he need an action to get it back before he become unable to mastigate after waitin so long to hear this the saddest enacted the way I matter since I haven't been ratty since last we been scrappy or commanding to a place where we both landed badly at an sand keep dragging down the hourglass as we each don't seem to see how deep, silly, fearful in a spilled slurry of a clusterfuck but it's no wills, in this curry kills the mixture I'm convinced got shit for fixin, fuckin or flippin wigs up but this ninjas not visitin which window the one we enter thru I'm destined to benevle your breasts inevitable I'll be between em & impress y'all as the best investible, concepts set on a schedule all black & green as a medic mule Haze will become the next best at what I know is disposal of inept impressions of each these less fresh fucks, jus expressin' my corrections and invest in sections my ladder to catch collections atop it after my laughter feels lavish I'll make it a great day to call gather in every complainant & basically make new way to spread my name with no paper placement when you claim the anger jus make you find I and all quite likely to find & aim it between the eyes of anyone who may bring danger cus lies make you die in one way or the other an honestly I'd rather be smothered than live life a liar another