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Since I remember it's been you i was in love with for lovin me even dysfunctioned and with everything it comes wit, such shit, it is when I realized I'm losin my friggin grip jus twisted up further this relationship I'd wish I seen it comin before I put it to my head and banged clips tryin to figure out if everything between us I seen as just been a deranged trick from a 26 year old teenage bitch, 

Strangers in unevenly flown emotional remorse if you was so uncertain I'd certainly wish I'd heard it first unveiled the shaded curtain before the thirst of aggression makes heads turn Ain't no used to you an me sleep in the beds burnt The fresh flames make just under your chest churn  looks I have less learned so the stress stirs  I said it I apologize for the lies I been tryin you see me here crying now so don't deny it, might be a reason why this trippin vibe visions screened to violent ties 

But losing you seems to wanna make me seem even more blinded than I been in my lies since I lost the connections to best friends and lost Craig end up an attic boy forever unless I correct my un-confessed crimes I'll stay inside until I die 

I know what I want an I got it to drop even if you think it's not hot Im puttin my fingers up Impossible he's not a god jus unlocked from his room rockin y'all who want ta get finga fucked I think it luck it must be the destruction he comes w just about to crush me 

No trust it's all about the fam or nothing hold up my homies names hold my without even blushin that some ain't even known me but since high school days of no sleep I'm suppose to keep the flow clean as my own piece protection against the best to disown me my own demons since '03 I guess imma maybe remain a restrained crazy brained bastard who can say some amazing things yet still can only lazy explain it until I've takin the pain placed in paint and painted it in every way I can taste the disdain from this distance if u don't stay it Imma have you slit drip and drained of blood an I'm in my third chase cost is covered up in it 

guess I'm funny enough to give a shit in the fucking first place