19 Apr

In high school, I took lifeguarding classes at the YMCA with my best friend, Sarah. She was a Connecticut state champion swimmer and I was a diver. We studied together and usually got straight As. We were juniors and neither of us had a boyfriend. We dared each other to ask a boy out. Sarah never followed through but I asked out a boy from lifesaving class. He was a year younger and he went to private school. His brother told him to break up with his girlfriend in California so he could go out with me. He became my first boyfriend and he took me to the prom. He said he loved me and wished he met me in ten years. We went out to a diner with my friends and he disappeared for a while. I found him in the parking lot smoking pot. I was raised in the Christian Science Sunday school and we didn’t drink, smoke, or have sex before marriage. I broke up with A. right then. I heard from his friend that he said I was boring. He moved back to California to live with his father. He showed up at my high school graduation unannounced. He wanted to see me so I told him to meet me at my friend’s party. He turned up high at her house. I told him to leave and I never saw him again.

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