12 Dec

Some folks might ask, "Why is the magazine called 'Divergents' and not 'Divergence' or 'Divergent's' or just 'Divergent Magazine;'"  those folks are called English teachers. Many people from the neurotypical community, or "Normies" as they will be nominalized hence forth, are completely infatuated with their superior proofreading skills, and take pleasure in debating the minutia of gerunds verses predicate nouns... 

Divergents is used here as the plural form of the noun "divergent," members the divergent community. Inherent in the noun, divergent, is the recognition that neurodivergents have been so isolated and pathologized by the "Normie" culture that we forget we represent as much as a third of the population. Divergents refers to individual members of the larger divergent community. There's the rub... 

Rather than being a magazine of professional meal-tickets -- ADDitude, Annals of Dyslexia, Autism Parenting Magazine -- patronizing the community with their "expertise," Divergents Magazine is a place for individual divergents to discover they belong  -- in fact -- to vastly accomplished and talented community.

- Ben Mitchell, 12/12/19

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