Call for Submissions, Winter Issue

What is it like to date a neuro-typical? 

To get through this long, pandemic winter, Divergents Magazine wants to hear your experience of love. How do you lavish attention on your partner when you’re ADHD? How do you meet someone in a culture obsessed with non-verbal social-cues? How do you write a love letter when writing gives you anxiety? We want to hear any and all ways in which your interactions with the neurotypical world colors this most human of experiences. Send us your essays, fiction, art, and poems reflecting on the navigation of romantic relationships.

The deadline is Valentine’s Day—February 14, 2021. We’d love to hear from you.

To submit your writing or art, read the relevant guidelines below:

Prose and Poetry Submission Guidelines

We are always looking for essays, opinions, creative nonfiction, fiction, and poetry for inclusion in Divergents. Our content is made for, by, and about the experience of living atypically in a neurotypical world. We are especially interested in stories that celebrate neurodiversity and feature the unique ways divergent populations interact with and contribute to their communities. We love stories that raise awareness of ancillary issues neurotypicals might not have ever thought of. For example, a story about your Autism diagnosis and what that means isn't quite what we're looking for. A story about having a scary run in with the police because they aren't trained to identify or deal with people on the spectrum is.

For all submissions, the following criteria apply:

  • Submissions should be emailed to
  • Your submission should either be attached as a Word document (.doc) or a working link to a Google Doc. 
  • While we don’t have hard limits on length, prose submissions are ideally between 2,000 and 3,000 words. Poetry should be able to fit on one page (Sorry, Dante)
  • In your submission document, include the following information at the beginning, before the body of the piece: 
    • Title
    • Your name as you’d like it to appear
    • Your email address
    • Your physical address (for your complimentary copy of the magazine)
  • If we accept your submission, understand that we may make changes to it for issues of length, clarity, or tone. 

Visual Art Submission Guidelines

We want to see any art in any medium: paintings, drawings, collages, mosaics, sculptures, and more are all welcome.

  • Email one or two images of your work to our Arts Editor, Christina Tedesco:, or send to us using WeTransfer to the same email address
  • Total size of image file should be no more than 50MB. 
  • Images should be high resolution (300 dpi)
  • Each image submission should be no larger than 1200 pixels on the longest dimension . 
  • You can send images smaller than this if that's all you have, but we may not be able to make it work. 
  • If you need help making your image 300dpi check out this tool
  • If you're unsure of how to best photograph your artwork, this video can help you.  
  • If you have any questions you can email Christina Tedesco: