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A Dog’s Tale

A Dog’s Tale

There once was a dog , who

lived in a house that only loved cats,  At first

she rebelled – chased balls, rolled 

in smelly dead things, and panted, her 

tongue hanging out. But 

the cat lovers shunned her, wouldn’t feed

her, and she became infested with fleas, so

she began to act like a cat, cropped

her ears into a point, developed 

a fascination with yarn, but all the while reminding

herself it was only an act, just a way to 

make a living. But one day it shifted. She 

began to forget, believed she 

was a cat.  Her

eyes became indifferent.  Her tongue

became dry and thorny.  She 

shunned dogs, revolted, tried to scratch 

their eyes out with her clumsy paws.

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