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I Anxietize

By Lukas White aka HaZe

Man, I anxietize I'm stressing its what's eating me literate. Even in the literature but I just don't see how anyone can have givin in when I was so little I was just the kid consistently fixing his shit to piss correctly if eventually ever I'm never noticed for blowin up my own rich before I woke give a smoke to his ass hoping they still the golden known
Idk where my mind went man, I really wish I could’ve tried to vent then But I'm a coral mortal forced in its torture cell like a tortuous shell of course when you retort remorse just smells as the other torturous dwelled melons fell wit force to the floor convinced hells mixed up in this of course I'm pissed restrained But I'd be a retard if I'd leave a plain card as my spits remains
I ain't even know how I get through the oldest new I ain't talking to, You may man I'm just the common tool I use accused of every useless ruthlessness, no more tooths so truthful just no fruit under my music til I make its movements but It won't shake if people -side me sittin blank I'm aces still and make it up in a face with a smile 
took it when I was tainted but that's my basics I made my game degrade the same as I engraved my name in cellophane the angel made with the devils name its HaZe again the darkest start to my anglaise I ain't taking trades for nothin still I guess it's why I'll be stuck an shuffling less I wake up one day amazed in a fade of what I made first turned into what I'd says worth

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