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The Path to Alone

The Path to Alone


Out of site, out of mind

I've been here before

Traveled this path

And know what's in store


A moment passes, 

Then two, then three

I look for a sign

But no one's thinking of me


The winds begin to stir

I can't find my breath

Ashamed of these feelings

I've expertly kept


My heart races fast

As the panic takes hold

Somebody, anybody

The world feels so cold


Alone and exposed

I accept my new fate

A storm withins brews

Yet still I hesitate


Little by little

Resentment rolls in 

Happiness clouded

By bitter, cold wind


The fog grows dense

And I can't find way

Howling, whirling voices 

Lead me astray 


Turbulent waters

strike at the Earth

eroding her beauty

Engulfing her worth 


But ahead in a clearing

A break in the clouds

The sun beckons warmly

To life beyond the falls


A life of serenity

A life of alone

A life to live proudly

A life all my own


The road won't be easy

Storms rage; winds attack

But once around the falls

I will never look back.

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