12 Jun

Who We Are:
Divergents Magazine is a community of atypical writers, artists and thinkers who fearlessly share our experience and perspective without the patronizing filter of any neurotypical "experts." The term “Neuro-Divergent” describes people whose processing profile displays significant differences from the neurotypical, such that it would receive a diagnosis — e.g., dyslexia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, autism -- but includes anyone who’s nature is divergent.

Job description:
Contributing editors are an invaluable part of the Divergents staff, requiring creative as well as collaborative responsibilities which increase in the weeks prior to production. They will edit stories in different sections and can help out with other areas like writer development depending on their interests. The contributing editor position is a great opportunity to sharpen your editing skills, contribute to important reporting, and pursue stories of personal interest.

Since many of our writers are not professionals, we are committed not just to publishing great writers but to encourage our contributors as writers.

Work closely with writers on their stories as a “primary editor.” As a primary editor, you consult with the writer during the reporting process and then closely edit for content and style. You will be trained in our editing process and will be assigned to primary edits once you have acclimated.Do second-round edits on other pieces, including evaluating for content, style, and grammar.Regularly pitch stories.Write a piece for each issue if you choose 

Time commitment:We would welcome your time as your schedule allows. Each deadline has a finite number of pieces, and you are encouraged to work more or less as your schedule allows.

Qualifications: Candidates must possess a sincere commitment to the experience of divergent learners. Professional writing experience required; editing and/or mentoring experience is a big plus.

Editorial ProcessAll articles go through two rounds of editing with a final edit once they are laid out in the print edition or uploaded to the website. The primary editor for an article is the main editor assigned to a piece and is responsible not only for editing the writer’s first draft but also for guiding the writer through the reporting and writing process. The second editor does a thorough edit, adding comments and questions for the writer and primary editor to look at. A final editor does a quicker edit, mostly focused on grammar usage and mechanics, once the piece is laid out.

Interested? Contact - divergentsmagazine@gmail.com

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